Appellate Litigation

At Porteous, Hainkel & Johnson we realize that cases do not always end with a trial. Our team of appellate attorneys assists our clients with appellate issues, often from the outset of the case. Our attorneys work closely with trial counsel to shape legal issues and to properly prepare issues for appeal. Our skilled team of brief writers is well versed in legal trends in federal and state appeals court. This knowledge benefits our clients in presenting appellate arguments in the most concise manner possible in the briefs. Our skilled team of appellate litigators are known in all of Louisiana’s Courts of Appeal, its Supreme Court and the Federal Courts of the region for their skill in presenting effective and concise arguments on behalf of our clients. We work with important private trade associations and federal, state and local governmental agencies in order to obtain amicus curiae support where appropriate. We regularly interact with and monitor the work of leading academics to ensure that the most current scholarly developments are analyzed in presenting the public policy implications and novel legal issues.


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