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Throughout our history, Porteous, Hainkel & Johnson, L.L.P has focused on the defense of every aspect of insurance law.  Our firm has extensive experience in the areas of insurance law, insurance coverage litigation and insurance regulation.  Our attorneys are well versed on a broad range of insurance legal issues.
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Premises and Retail Liability Defense

At Porteous, Hainkel, and Johnson, we handle all types of premises and retail liability defense cases in Louisiana. From the merchant that becomes a defendant in a slip and fall claim, to the restaurant that faces a food borne illness claim, our attorneys have the experience to defend clients with a wide range of legal needs. Additionally, we aggressively defend cases involving public and private entities in state and federal courts.
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We have extensive experience throughout the State of Louisiana defending cases involving

Appellate Litigation

At Porteous, Hainkel & Johnson we realize that cases do not always end with a trial. Our team of appellate attorneys assists our clients with appellate issues, often from the outset of the case. Our attorneys work closely with trial counsel to shape legal issues and to properly prepare issues for appeal. Our skilled team of brief writers is well versed in legal trends in federal and state appeals court. This knowledge benefits our clients in presenting appellate arguments in the most concise manner possible in the briefs. Our skilled team of appellate litigators are known in all of Louisiana’s Courts of Appeal, its Supreme Court and the Federal Courts of the region for their skill in presenting effective and concise arguments on behalf of our clients. We work with important private trade associations and federal, state and local governmental agencies in order to obtain amicus curiae support where appropriate. We regularly interact with and monitor the work of leading academics to ensure that the most current scholarly developments are analyzed in presenting the public policy implications and novel legal issues.
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Business & Corporate Law

Attorneys at Porteous, Hainkel & Johnson act as a continuous resource for our business clients.  Our team is committed to helping you reach your business goals through prompt, effective solutions, team work and attention to detail.  We assist our business clients in all aspects of their operations.  We can analyze your specific business situation and offer legal advice on all levels.  Whether your business is large or small we strive to reach resolutions of legal disputes.  When litigation is necessary we put our seasoned talents to work to assist your business through the legal process.  Our experience in business law issues includes business work outs and recapitalizations, bankruptcy, business formation and governments, corporate finance and securities, contracts and business transaction, business ownership issues or disputes, general business litigation, general and complex business litigation, and effective limitation of liability.
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Estate Planning

Our experienced legal team at Porteous, Hainkel & Johnson can assist you with legal matters and give you valuable advice to secure and protect your assets.  We are thoroughly knowledgeable in dealing with the creation, protection and disposition of a client’s assets, during life and upon and after death.  We have the experience and knowledge to assist you with estate planning including: Wills Trusts Health care directives Powers of attorney Trust administration Probate/decedent’s estates Guardianships Conservatorships
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Labor Law

Porteous, Hainkel & Johnson is committed to helping our corporate clients stay on top of the ever-changing federal, state and local labor laws that govern the workplace. Our attorneys are dedicated to getting to know your business and your industry, in order to assist you in devising solutions to employment problems that affect the productivity of your business. Porteous, Hainkel & Johnson handles discrimination and wrongful termination disputes in both federal and state courts.  Whether your case involves housing, sexual harassment, age, race, gender, etc., our team of experienced attorneys stands ready to work with you through the legal process. Our exceptional knowledge of the extensive rules and regulations involved in civil rights disputes helps to assist us in our defense of your case.  Whether it is a Fourth Amendment dispute, police liability or other civil rights situation, our experienced team at Porteous, Hainkel & Johnson is well versed in federal civil rights and state constitutional claims.  Our number one priority is success in every aspect of civil rights defense. We have experience in defending civil rights claims and we have represented many businesses and individuals against a variety of other alleged violations of civil rights including: Employment Housing Age Gender Disability Religious discrimination Sexual harassment Hostile work environment
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Maritime Law

Porteous, Hainkel & Johnson’s location in the port city of New Orleans gives us a unique combination of strategic location and exceptional experience in handling admiralty and maritime matters. Since its inception, our attorneys have worked in the maritime field. We are skilled in litigating complex maritime and offshore commercial disputes, collisions, marine coverage issues, product liabilities claims, personal injury and wrongful death claims. We represent vessel owners and their insurers in an array of disputes that can occur in the maritime transport industry. We represent owners, operators and charters of freight, tankers, tugs, barges, supply boats, offshore drilling rigs and vessels, offshore platform vessels and other vessels involved in the oil field services. Our typical areas of practice include maritime insurance coverage, evaluation of litigation, defense of personal injury and wrongful death claims brought by seaman, longshoremen and passengers, collisions, grounding and sinking’s, cargo loss and damage claims, vessel fires, dock damage, vessel charter disputes, disputes over the rights to salvage sunken treasure, maritime commercial transaction, limitation of liability, oil spills, water and air pollution, maritime contract disputes and negotiation, vessel arrest and attachment, maritime subrogation, tugs and towage.
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Transportation And Trucking Law

Porteous, Hainkel & Johnson offers its clients its knowledge and decades of experience in providing counsel for several major inter and intrastate carriers. We have resolved numerous disputes on their behalf. Our attorneys practice in corporate, commercial and tort matters. Our attorneys are leaders in the transportation defense field and have established excellent working relationships with scientific, engineering and medical consultants and experts to assist in the presentation of evidence and the zealous representation required by our clients. Serving our clients’ needs in the transportation field is one of our main priorities. Our attorneys have extensive experience in representing clients and their carriers in complex tort and coverage litigation involving all types of common and private carriers. Our firm has handled cases for large common carrier transportation fleets engaged in interstate trucking, railroads, waste hauling, taxicab, shuttle and bus operators, rental vehicle fleets, and ambulance services. We have represented both insurers and self-insureds in personal injury, cargo, environmental, hazardous materials, indemnification and insurance coverage issues within the transportation sector and are aware of the sophisticated issues and the interrelationships of the parties which can arise in the handling of such matters. Some of our areas of focus include: Federal and state motor carrier regulations Proceedings before the ODOT, WUTC, FMCSA, Surface Transportation Board, and USDOT, including applications, protests, highway use tax reassessments, and economic and safety concerns Safety compliance Hazardous materials and hazardous waste regulations Purchase and sale of operating authorities and carrier assets Freight loss and damage claims Collection of freight charges Undercharge claims Labor/employment law questions Attorneys at Porteous, Hainkel & Johnson have handled complex litigation involving the shipping of goods over waterways, highways and rail. Our attorneys are well versed in environmental and toxic tort matters in order to assist our clients with today’s emphasis on the proper handling of hazardous materials while they are being shipped.
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Our firm has the knowledge and experience to navigate the intricacies of city, state and federal government.  Our attorneys have decades of experience that allows us to effectively respond to our clients needs on all governmental levels.
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